What's new in the 4th edition?

I went through the 3rd edition already, and happy to see the arrival of the 4th. Is there a list of changes/additions? I’m trying to avoid going through the whole book again. Thanks.

I am responsible for the Mac section - Chapters 21 & 22.
There are a few cases where I have added more modern Swift, but mainly it’s just updated to handle Monterey & Xcode 13.

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Hi @fischej

this is a full list of changes we’ve done to the book:

3 Testing & Debugging

  • Changes to debugging in XCode 13

5 Intro to Controls: Text & Image

  • Added new section to briefly discuss markdown

6 Controls & User Input

  • Removed section about Keyboard Handler (obsolete now)
  • Add new section for keyboard and focus management

9 State & Data Flow – Part II

  • Rewritten the “Object Ownership” section

10 More User Input & App Storage

  • Added paragraph to describe how to keep track of the selected tab index

11 Gestures:

  • Restructured a little bit to make preparation work/refactoring optional to the reader

15 Advanced Lists

  • Added coverage of new List abilities in SwiftUI 3

18 Drawing & Custom Graphics

  • Coverage of new Canvas view in SwiftUI 3

19 Animations & View Transitions

  • Updated for changes to animations in SwiftUI 3

All chapters:

  • Updated to Xcode 13.1 and Swift 5.5
  • Other minor updates
  • Fixes

Thanks @jeden! Hopefully others will find that as useful as I do. Appreciate it.

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Thanks, it’s helpful.