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Really appreciate the video and also really appreciate trying to make a quick update in 5min or under which is amazing for a quick update in the morning but its really really quick :slight_smile: the writing code part that you forward very fast is really too much :slight_smile: again understand the time restriction which is why I watch those updates in the first place but one minute more with a little but just a little but slower coding part would be also fine. its a bit annoying to be honest.

i agree. the sped up typing is very unhelpful. why not just paste in the code and explain slowly and carefully the concepts? We don’t really need to see typing at warp speed. Most of the video content is doing this and I find them equally unhelpful as a result.

@mobstereumobile @onceunpopularideas Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! I will forward it to the video team.

I agree that the speed is too fast. It takes longer to absorb because I have to rewind multiple times. Good content though.

Really good screencast. And I like that everything is typed out. Could be maybe a tad slower as others are saying but I like that you see where everything is typed out and placed.

@akirna @tommyp Really glad you liked it! Cheers! :]