What is the difference dispose( ) & removelistener( )?

i couldn’t understand the difference between dispose()and removelistener() and when to use them, any help please?
what is the difference when i say

@belalgamal hello, sorry for the late reply! i’ll try to explain it with an example.

You may be familiar with using the TextField widget. Sometimes you may define a TextEditingController and you add a listener to listen for what the user types.

Once the user closes the screen the dispose() method gets called. This discards any resources used by the object. It’s also good practice to remove any listeners you have registered.

you would typically call removeListener() within the dispose() method to clean up any unused resources.

Checkout the code example here:

In the code example above calling controller.dispose() also removes the listener of the textfield controller.

Also you can check out Chapter 4, i believe there’s a section on the widget life cycle you can check out when the dispose method gets called.