What does ray wenderlich have to update my skills

Would someone point me to the right products at raywenderlich.com to bring me up to date on my skills in developing iOS apps? I need to get up to date to be able to meet Apple’s requirements for iOS apps since the release of Xcode 11. I noticed with that release, the initial AppDelegate class looks a lot different than in previous Xcode releases.

Hi @brower, if you’d like to brush up on your iOS skills I’d recommend checking out the iOS track. The first two tutorials focus on UIKit and SwiftUI. If you haven’t started out with SwiftUI and are interested I would highly recommend the first tutorial in the track! Xcode 11 also has a new SceneDelegate class which may seem similar to the AppDelegate file. However now with iOS 13, we can use both when setting up your app. Happy coding!


Using iOS 13, is the app able to use AppDelegate without SceneDelegate?

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