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Fun to watch. Silver bullets only help you fight werewolves. Not the right tool to fight vampires. :slight_smile:

It also would have been nice to reference the history. The Code Complete series of books talked about how we’ve been building physical buildings longer than anything else and have developed ‘building codes’ and other processes from famous mistakes.

Along that line Design Patterns was conceived by the ‘Gang of Four’ and Ward Cunningham contributed their GOF book to Christopher Alexandar. From the wiki:

Alexander has designed and personally built over 100 buildings, both as an architect and a general contractor.(Christopher Alexander - Wikipedia)

He noticed patterns in the construction of buildings and named them. Ward Cunningham says this work inspired him to find these same patterns in large C++ and Smalltalk systems.

So just as a mechanic would talk to another mechanic about an ‘ignition system’ software developers can talk to each other at this high level of a abstraction regardless of the physical implementation.

@cupofjoe Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated!