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Im trying to learn Swift for MacOS not iOS. RW used to have Tutorials for OSX but there appears to be nothing on this new site. Please put up MacOS dev Tutorials

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Just wondering whatever happens to the Upcoming page. I used to browse that page to check whether the video course I am following has a planned update… Nevertheless, this is a fresher look with focus on customization and curation… still need some time to get used to though.

@paulv Unfortunately we’re no longer actively making macOS tutorials on our site, since there was a lack of interest from our readers compared to other subjects. This may change in the future if interest increases.

@arvnq I agree we need to bring that page back as it’s a useful page for many people. We will look into this, thanks!

Videos not playing, only showing black screen. any help ?

@antonilhin This shouldn’t be happening. Can you please share a screenshot and let us know what country you are from, and what browser version you are using? Thanks!

@rwenderlich Thank you for your response.
I’m from Indonesia, and using Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106.
Here what it’s looks like from my end. Thanks !

Hi, this also happened to me. and I also from Indonesia, and using Chrome (69.0.3497.100). Thank you.

@antonilhin @harry.akbar Please let me know if you still have this issue when you get a chance. Thank you!

I’m trying to get on pixel art on here can anyone help me please?