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watchOS by Tutorials Updated for Swift 3 and watchOS 3

We're excited to announce watchOS by Tutorials, Second Edition - updated for Swift 3 and watchOS 3!

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Hi, I just purchased this version of book in PDF format but I only have the previous edition in my loot. How can I get access to the latest version ?

Hi! The cover art for the book doesn’t seem to have refreshed on the Loot page for some reason β€” this takes a bit of time to propagate. You should have the new version (2.0) on your Loot page, and you should be able to download it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

Hi, when will you have the hard copy available for purchase? Thanks.

@achan1118 - We are assembling the print copies very soon - stay tuned for an announcement when they are ready!

You show Chapter 11 as Background Refresh, but the latest copy I download, Chapter 11 is Networking?