Watch Connectivity - next Steps

Hey there,

I really like the new Watch Connectivity Framework, but I am still not sure, how to handle “synced datamodels”.
Either I have an simple plist to store my user’s data, or I use CoreData - the question is the same:
do I have to implement the whole CRUD-process also in the Watch-App (although I don’t see the Watch as a Device to create data, so it’s more a RUD-process) ?
And if so: is it save to use transferUserInfo for every user’s action on the data model (like: hey iPhone, User just deleted object with Uuid 6. Or: my dear Watch: User just created a new Object. Here’s the data, so you can create it, too… ) ?
And this results in the next question: do I always have to translate (e.g.) new created Objects into a Dictionary to pass it to the Watch/iPhone - or can I pass also my custom designed Objects ? (didn’t work in my tests, but maybe I made some mistakes).

I know, these are a lot of questions, and I do hope some of you has some advice or tipps for me!

Thanks in advance,