Want to write a script

So my goal is to write a prg to run rsync between my server and a local backup. In order to do this I am going need to use rclone? What I want is to hVE A Backup of the server. what do I need to do?

@lac_ekim and you want to use swift? Not a Bash script?

what would you suggest? I figured writing it in SWIFT would make it more beneficial for what im learning @jayantvarma

hi @lac_ekim,
you can use swift but you can end up with a series of system calls to run command line applications and setting the permissions etc, where as in contrast you could use bash scripts invoked with sudo that has elevated permissions.

You would have the rsync daemon running on your server that you would connect to in order to sync your files. However rclone (If I understand correctly) is for cloud backup.

have you ever written a shell script? or a .bat file (on windows)? you would basically have the commands that you would run on the terminal in this script file. this is as simple as that.

TLDR; I would recommend a shell script easier to manage and modify


I agree Bash and Rsync would solve the problem really well.

Unless it’s for academic purposes of learning file system operations with Swift?

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