Want to join a course


I am an iPhone developer already but my basics are poor. Also i do not know anything about Swift. I want to learn all the basics along with practical lessons and also start with the Swift. I think the best course for me is “The iOS Apprentice Fourth Edition- Beginning iOS Development with Swift 2”. I still have some questions about this. How long will the course last. Would I get any help if required? Would they be video tutorials?

Hi @sang_iyer_13! The iOS Apprentice is definitely a great way to brush up on your basics in iOS development. After you read it, you’ll be ready to enjoy any of the other books or tutorials on our site.

Note that the iOS Apprentice is a book (not video tutorials) though. If you prefer learning via video tutorials, you might enjoy subscribing to our video tutorials instead.

I hope that helps and welcome to our site! :]

Okay do I get it for the same rates? Or the package is different?

You can see the prices here:

The iOS Apprentice is $54, and the raywenderlich.com Subscription is $19/month.

Thanks I will go through…

Also I am very much interested in joining your team. I know am not eligible now. But want to join soon. What will be the procedure? And any possibility of getting trained directly under your team. It has been more than an year and I have learnt everything myself. Now i want to get trained under some expert team…