[VNClassificationObservation] enumerated()

Trying some CoreML stuff, with an image classification. I am inside the loop of the results taken from the video feed, which is updating for every frame taken and doesn’t occur on the main thread.

For debugging, I need to see the array’s index number that the returned results are in. I have put a loop counter (type Int) but think the background threading is messing this up (viewing the SQLite DB afterwards anyway!).

I have now tried to use the array.enumerated() approach, so I am directly able to print the index value, but cannot get any working syntax.

Current code is:

if let results = request.results as? [VNClassificationObservation] {
   var counter = 0

   for item in results[0...9] {
      print("\(counter): \(item.identifier) | \(item.confidence)")

      DispatchQueue.main.async {
           // Update the UI, but in debugging, printing the current counter var
           print("\(counter): \(item.identifier) | \(item.confidence)")
   counter += 1

On the “for loop” line, I have tried a few variations, such as:

for (index, element) in results[0...9] {
for (index, element) in results.enumerated()[0...9] {

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