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Video Tutorial: Swift Scroll View School Part 11: Paging Scroll Views II

In this video tutorial you'll learn about paging scroll views including how to add a gap between your pages for a nice margin and how to add a page control.

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I’m trying to use this video to set up a Paging Scroll View in my app but it doesn’t seem to work.
I’ve downloaded the completed ones and run these and I have to update them before they’ll run. The apps load, but the page scroll doesn’t work and, if I click on the page dots, the page changes but goes black.
I am using an old Mac so not sure if it’s an issue with this or whether, when I updated it I did something wrong.


If you are stuck on the same thing - it is to do with the way Swift updates the code. Say ‘no’ to the update and correct the errors manually and it will work.

Hi, Im using this tutorial to create a side bar, but I want to achieve a behaviour, when user taps on the menu icon, the mainViewController should not slide, instead the mainViewController should decrease its alpha to 0.4 and the menuTableViewController should come on top of mainVIewController. How to achieve this?