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Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 7: Overlays

Learn the process of drawing on your app by the way of custom overlays.

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I believe the starter pack for this file is not the version referenced in the video. It has a filled out ParkMapOverlayView.swift in it already.

Great tutorial, really enjoying it so far.
Why are the Park coordinates stored in a plist?? Is there a specific way I should go about doing this? Can I have them inside the class model? Can I pull them from an custom API??

Many thanks !

Yes, you can put the coordinates anywhere you like (even pulling from an API). Ideally, you should put them in some place that makes sense and doesn’t burden your project from a code standpoint. A plist was chosen because it was easy to update. I hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try the plist out then.

Again thank you for the great content you guys create for us.

Great Tutorial, thanks!
Is it possible to limit the scrollable and zoomable area to ParkMapOverlay rect?

I would imagine so … but you’ll have to dig into the API to see what it actually possible. For more detail on the ParkMapOverview, check out this tutorial: