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Video Tutorial: MapKit and Core Location Part 3: Geocoding

Learn the basics of converting addresses into GPS coordinates and vice versa through the use of Geocoding.

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I understand I shouldn’t do too many geocoding requests in a short time. But if I filtered all photos in iPhone with location info, then I sectioned them by different location in my app using UICollectionView. The EXIF of photo doesn’t contains readable address, just contains coordinate. So when I showed photos in my app, I need reverse geocode all different coordinates. It causes many geocoding requests when loading and scrolling. Most of requests all failed, just like you said in the video. So I’d like to ask for some help, is there a proper way to achieve this?

hi there,
my coordinates, when I test it out, end up having an “optional” in front of the lat and long

see the following:


please haelp, thank you

If the coordinates are wrapped in an optional, you’ll need to unwrap using if-let syntax or the guard statement for that matter. Does that make sense?