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Video Tutorial: iOS App Extensions Part 4: Photo Extensions: Shared Settings

Learn about sharing data between the app and the Photo Extension.

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So I just noticed several new videos in the series, but when I browse over to them, it says “Sorry, Because of its privacy settings the view cannot be played here” in the player…this is probably due to the recent upgrades but I’m not sure if anyone else has pointed it out

Can you please send me the URL for the video that you’re having trouble seeing? The one on this post shows up OK for me. Thanks!



(basically the whole series)

I also went back the “Video Tutorials” page a tried few others, but none of those seemed to work either

Update: It’s a chrome plugin (Privacy Badger) which seems to be causing the issues. I’m pretty sure it was working before, but once I disabled it for the site, the videos started working again…user error :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, glad it’s working! :]