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Video Tutorial: Introducing iOS 9 Search APIs Part 4: Conclusion

Review what you learned in this video series and find out where to go from here to learn more about the new iOS 9 search APIs.

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In this tutorial, you have worked with offline data. How to handle if the data is dynamic that comes through network call?

Hi @peter,

It doesn’t make a difference to CoreSpotlight whether the data is present on the device or not. In order to index data, it has to pass through the device, but you could easily choose to index stuff you pull down from the network and then discard.

It’s up to your app to cope with pulling down the appropriate data when provided with a search result though.

I would expect that in most cases, if you have completely remote data, the search functionality would be server-side too. The exception being if when you start the app, it downloads all the personal data and caches it locally.

Apple provide some pretty good example guidelines for what to use different aspects of iOS search for in different situations:

Hope that helps