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Video Tutorial: Intermediate Realm on iOS: Introduction

Find out what's covered in our Intermediate Realm on iOS video tutorial series.

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Do you teach how to synchronize realm with a Web Service in this series? If you don’t, can you point me to
the right direction? Thank you

I’m interested in this as well

Hi guys, unfortunately I can’t recommend any such service at the moment

That sad that realm sync is not possible, at least in an easy way. I already implemented Realm in one simple app with local file and looking forward to building my next app which is on some level similar to tutorial exam application. I would like to use your tutorial as an example, but would like to support multiple devices and backup for user entered data.
What would you recommend to use if you are going to support multiple devices and backups for your exam application? Should I look to cloudKit or there are other options?
I’m beginner iOS developer with only a few shipped apps, so any feedback will be helpful.

Is this course going to be updated to swift 3?

it’s certainly in the pipeline, but nothing specific on dates yet