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Video Tutorial: Beginning SpriteKit: Introduction

Find out what's covered in our Beginning SpriteKit video tutorial series.

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Wait… so this video series is the same exact thing the book has?

Not exactly the same (due to time constraints), but quite similar, yes.

Is there a place to download the sprites? When I click on download materials, it is just a pdf with slides.

Each video includes a “Download Materials” button. Everything you need is included inside that zip file.

Is this tutorial now compatible with swift3? Thanks

Tammy Apple added new features to spritekit i was wondering if you could please
update this series to swift 3 and xcode 8. Thanks in advance.

Good news! This tutorial has been updated to Swift 3. =]

Hi Tammy,
I’ve just started the sprite kit video course.

I’d like to write an animation racing game using sprite kit and I’d like to
add a “Start” button. So far, it doesn’t appear that you can add buttons
to the sprite kit main.storyboard. Is there a way to add buttons or
should you use something other then buttons to trigger the start of a game
when you use sprite kit?



Can I please get someone to answer my previous question?



Hey Gary!

Sorry about that. I’ve been having issues with my notifications.

Generally, I use scenes and nodes. In this case, I’d create a main menu scene with a node that triggers a transition from my main menu scene to my game scene.

Apple actual has some good documentation on working with scenes and nodes: SpriteKit Best Practices.

Also, I’m pretty sure this is covered later in the course too.

Hope that helps! And again, sorry for the delayed response.

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Thanks, Tammy. I’ll look at that link you gave me and also, I look forward to this subject being
covered later in the course.


can’t play the video. still loading. please advice.

I pay money so I can watch your tutorials. But this VIDEO WON’T FRICKING LOAD! please fix this, or I wan’t my money back.

I cant download the MyUtils file! where is it? clicking download materials only downloads the PDF of the slides used in the video. PLEASE HELP

I keep receiving an error that states:
“CGRectGetMaxY” has been replaced by property “CGRect.MaxY”, but when i click “fix” and change it, a new error will pop up:
Instance member “minY” cannot be used on type “CGRect”.

Please help!

@rachykc Do you still have issues with this?

@rachykc Please check out this forum thread when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

@yudiwidyarto @stinna Do you still have issues with this?