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Video Tutorial: Beginning Core Data Part 1: Getting Started

Learn some of the basics of Core data including modeling your data, adding objects, and fetching data.

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Vimeo says:
Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.


Are you attempting to watch on a iOS device? This is a bug in the current version of iOS, and won’t be fixed until iOS 9.3.2 is released:


The only suggestion I can make if this is the case is to watch on a desktop device for the time being.



Greg, very nice video and your presentation skills are great. Only have one issue and am embarrassed to ask, but you did not cover saving integers in the above. Can you please post an integer example?
Thanks, David

Some parts of the video are crystal clear, others fuzzy/blurry. Cannot find any video quality settings, so cannot adjust. Is this a Vimeo issue?

The tutorial is a great start but needs some modification/updating I am now in Xcode 8.0 and the completed tutorial downloaded works with some simple upgrades for Xcode 8.0. However, I can not create a project from scratch that works without copying across lots of code that you did not explain in the video. I am not sure if this code should be used, if it was part of a previous version of Xcode and apple removed it they must have had a reason. Should some different implimentation be used.

I think an updated series is in the works since Core Data got a pretty big revamp with iOS 10. I’m not doing the update so I don’t have any details or a timeline, but I hear it’s in the production schedule.

Hey Greg,

What advice would your give to someone who specifically got a Ray Wenderlich video subscription for your video series only to find in the first few lines of code it does not work in Swift 3?

Hi @brickm, you should email support or use the contact page. I’m not working on the site any more but someone there will be able to help you out or share what’s coming up.

Thanks. My head was spinning from all the errors I was getting. It is tough for learners to tackle a topic like core data when there are so many changes. Obviously you created the course before Swift 3 and new core data so it’s not your fault.

Link to the download materials is broken?

Is there a version of this course for Xcode9, iOS 11 and Swift 4? The code in the video fails in my environment.