Vary for Traits xCode 13.1

Chap 10 page 190 is about adding a constraint for a size class using “Vary for Traits” command from the popup on the “Device Configuration Bar”.

However WHERE / HOW is a new constraint created for a particular size class in xCode 13.1 ???

The popup seems to have disappeared in the current xCode 13.1.

The release notes 13.1 state:
" * Interface Builder has a redesigned canvas bottom bar with popovers for changing devices and layout, and toggles for changing device appearance and orientation. (68288315)"
( See the Interface Builder section of Apple Developer Documentation )

The mentioned popup seems to have moved in the redesign…

The “+” indicator does show on the attributes inspector for trait classes and there is the “All” and “This Size Class” buttons…

Where did the popup for setting of a size class go?

To add a constraint for a size class:

  1. Add the constraint as usual - either control drag or the constraint button. It is now a constraint for all size classes
  2. To change the constraint to a size class: select it and open the attributes inspector for the attribute. The bottom checkbox on “installed” has a small plus sign. Touch the plus to open an popup window for size classes.
    Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.35.04 AM

There is a mention in reddit and the developer forums of the issue. See