Value & Object Animators - Challenge 1: Animate the title and rating

Hi, I am trying to animate the title follow the implementation of animateBackdrop

Here is my code:

    private fun animateTitle() {
        val finalY = binding.title.y
        val startY = finalY.minus(40)

        binding.title.y = startY

        val animator = ValueAnimator.ofFloat(startY, finalY)

        animator.duration = 1000

        animator.addUpdateListener {
            val animatedValue = it.animatedValue as Float
            binding.title.translationY = animatedValue


and invoke after animateSummary().

However, I the actual position of the title after the animation is not collect, and I cannot figure out the reason, could anybody tell me the reason why it will moved to the wrong position?


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Did you follow the instructions & reference the challenge’s repo?


  • Animating single properties with [ObjectAnimator] for a View
  • */
    private fun animateText(view: View) {
    // Init ObjectAnimator using offFloat() static function
    val objectAnimator = ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(
    view, “alpha”, 0f, 1f
    objectAnimator.duration = 1500 // the animation duration
    objectAnimator.start() // start the anim

if (viewModel.shouldAnimate) {
// animate the summary

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