V6.0, ch17, pg 385. "Add" button on AllLists screen greys out after first entry

As far as I can tell, on an empty beginning list, when the first checklist is added using the ‘Add’ button at the top, after the title of the first checklist is confirmed, when it goes back to the All Checklists screen, the ‘Add’ nav bar button on the top right corner is greyed out, but still usable.

The quirky thing about this is, this ‘bug’ only happens on ios 11.2. In all the other ios 11 simulators that I try with this project at this point, the ‘Add’ button is not greyed out when returning to this screen after adding the first checklist. This includes ios versions 11.0, 11.1, 11.3, and 11.4.

I recognize that this issue is quite trivial. But still just wondering if there is anybody here that can explain why this is happening on this particular ios version, and if there is any way to fix it so that it is consistent with the other ios 11 versions.

Thanks in advance

If this is happening only on a particular iOS simulator, I would suggest that you try it on an iOS device with the same iOS version. Note that the simulator is not an exact replica of running on device and that there might be issues on simulators that you would not have on device. Which is why iOS developers are always encouraged to test on device (at least once).

If you have the issue only on simulator and/or only for a particular iOS version, then you won’t get an explanation as to why that is happening generally except for something along the lines of “iOS bug” or “Apple bug” since we don’t know the inner workings of the simulator.

Still able to reproduce this on my iphone 8+ running on ios 11.2.6.

Uninstalled previous build of app from device. Did a clean build of project in xcode. Run (reinstall) project on device. ‘Add’ button still greys out. Doesn’t have to be adding a new checklist to empty ‘All Lists’ screen. Works with any number of entries after successful adding of new checklist with user confirmed title.

Hope that helps

It helps in indicating that it is an iOS 11.2.x issue and not a simulator issue, but since it only happens under iOS 11.2 it probably isn’t a code issue. Can’t help you beyond that since I don’t have an iOS 11.2 device to test on and see if I can replicate the issue at my end too.

What you can do is try the final project from the book’s provided source code. If that shows the same issue under iOS 11.2, then it probably is an iOS 11.2 issue and nothing much can be done beyond that. But if the book’s source code works correctly and your code doesn’t, then it’s some subtle change in your own code.

Think I found what I did wrong.

For that particular nav bar button, I had changed the ‘bar item title’ to ‘add’, instead of changing the ‘system item’ attribute to ‘add’ as I was supposed to. Now things seem to work as the provided chapter ending source code. Strange how one ios (11.2) version seemed to have behaved differently from the other different ios 11.x versions.

Thanks for your quick responses!

Debugging is fun

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