V3 ePub missing chapters

Just downloaded this now that I have time to go though it. I noticed the ePub version is missing a bunch of chapters that are in the TOC on the site as well as in the PDF version.

Is this a bug or is one of the books out of sync?

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@warplydesigned Thanks very much for your question!

I’ve personally gone through the ePub version of the book, and have not found any missing chapters. What specific chapters are you missing?

I think it may have been a cache issue with Apple Books. I deleted all copies of the book and re-downloaded now I see all the chapters, not sure what happened. Possibly I had an old version.

I gave up on the book once I ran into the issue where lldb_commands doesn’t work as described.

(lldb) help methods
     Dumps all methods implemented by the NSObject subclass (iOS, NSObject subclass only)  Expects 'raw' input (see 'help raw-input'.)

Syntax: methods UIView

Seems like the book hasn’t been updated since 2018 wonder if this is possibly related to Catalina and the fact Apple is moving to Swift more and more and away from Objective-c?

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@lolgrep Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]


Could you describe what doesn’t work?

There is an issue on the GitHub repo for this: Advanced Apple Debugging Chapter 1: Getting Started script not working · Issue #28 · DerekSelander/LLDB · GitHub Once I have time to dig back into this probably next month (moving cities right now) I’ll post more.

@warplydesigned Do you still have issues with this?

Honestly I haven’t even looked at this book again I seen that it is finally supposed to get updated this year so I’m waiting for the update before i attempt again.

I believe I saw in a previous post from the team that this book was being updated last year. Is that update still in progress? Any ETA?

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