V.4 Chapter 6: Keyboard and Form Tuning $userManager

On the chapter 6 (page 184) I need to bind the Textfield text with $userManager, which I was never mention before on this chapter or the previous ones.

The $userManager (based on the final project) is:

@EnvironmentObject var userManager: UserManager.

But I think it would be nice if the @authors could explain this piece of code that apparently appears from nowhere, especially the @EnvironmentObject (maybe a page is missing?)

Maybe the @authors made a mistake by mention and adding a future property $userManager.profile.name instead the actual property already there:

@State var name: String = ""


@Audrey @jeden please see above

After reading further, it is an error on Page 184:

instead of:

TextField("Type your name...", text: $userManager.profile.name)

should be

TextField("Type your name...", text: $name)
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I apologize for the terrible response time… email notifications messed up, but at last I’ve figured out why (made a mistake in the gmail filter).

I’ll fix this soon (and all other pending issues reported in the forums) — sorry for the inconvenience &
thanks for reporting it.

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