Using the Chopper Library

This chapter is dedicated to obtaining Responses from an api using libraries Chopper and JsonConverter.

The code in Github is here

He also proposes the use of a response wrapper like functional programming, of the type Success/Error.

The ModelConverter from Response to Success/Error wrapper, applies to the APIRecipeQuery Model and only uses one method in this line final recipeQuery = APIRecipeQuery.fromJson(mapData);.

It seems quite logical to make a generic ModelConverter, since it is a very useful class.

So, I have tried by passing the model in the constructor as a parameter:

class ModelConverter <T extends JsonConverter> implements Converter {
  final T model;
  ModelConverter ({@required this.model});
  . . .

and I invoke it in recipe_service.dart with converter: ModelConverter(model: APIRecipeQuery), but I don’t know how to reference the model statically before it’s created, and can’t access the method model.fromJson

Next, I have tried passing just the function converter:

class ModelConverter implements Converter {
  Function fromJson;
  ModelConverter ({@ required this.fromJson});
  . . .

with a getter in the API, and in recipe_service.dart with converter: ModelConverter(fromJson: APIRecipeQuery.fjConverter)

class APIRecipeQuery {
  static Function get fjConverter => _ $ APIRecipeQueryFromJson;
 . . .

But I can’t get it to work.

What would be the best approach to make the ModelConverter generic?
Thanks in advance.

I’ve found a solution inspired by this post


. . .
typedef CreateModelFromJson = dynamic Function(Map<String, dynamic> json);

class ModelConverter<Model> implements Converter {
  final CreateModelFromJson fromJson;

  ModelConverter({@required this.fromJson});
. . .
  final query = fromJson(mapData) as Model;
. . .

and recipe_service.dart

. . .
      converter: ModelConverter<APIRecipeQuery>(
        fromJson: (json) => APIRecipeQuery.fromJson(json),
. . .