Using SwiftUI for creating views instead of storyboards

Most of the projects in ML by Tutorials uses storyboard to create views. How difficult is it to integrate SwiftUI into these projects? Are there any advantages or disadvantages in doing so?

The book uses storyboards because SwiftUI is still very new and many developers will not have used it. We didn’t want to have to explain SwiftUI in addition to Core ML. :wink:

Using SwiftUI with these projects should be fairly straightforward, though. Most of the UI is pretty simple.

Thanks @hollance for replying :grin: Oh yeah… you have a point there :sweat_smile:
One more question: As far as I have understood, SwiftUI is faster. Do you think there will be performance gain (in terms of fps rendered) by using SwiftUI instead of storyboards?

I don’t have any experience with SwiftUI, but I’d be surprised if it made a noticeable difference in speed.

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