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Hello, the files for this course do not match, when i download the materials i get another app, something about a FoodMartApplication and not the app you’re working and explaining on. Can you check please?

Hey @moonlime!

Thanks for pointing it out! The default branch for the GitHub repo wasn’t updated for some reason, but it’s updated now! Can you try downloading the materials again?

Yep, all good now. Ty for your fast reply :smile: btw you’re very good with the way you explain everything, so far i finished “Android and Kotlin for Beginners” and from “Android User Interfaces” the animations was the last chapter left, but now i’ve started your “Android Data and Networking” and i think i’ll stick to that for now… i hoped i will find your courses in my path cuz i don’t feel very comfortable with the mentors i’ve met so far…they tend to rush things, not explaining in detail everything, especially that they came with an entire app, i think some basic examples for every chapter would be enough…not needed to get that far if you don’t want to explain everything is running in the background…that will not help me when i’ll develop my apps… Anyway keep up the good work :smiley:

Hey @moonlime!

I’m very happy to hear that you’re learning a lot and that you like my teaching style! :] It’s always great knowing that we help our users learn new topics and advance their skills.

I’ve worked on quite a lot of courses in the android beginning learning path so you’ll definitely see me in courses! If there’s more feedback you’d like to give about me and/or other instructors, you can reach out to our support at! :]

Thanks and I hope you enjoy your future courses!