Use storyboard or xib file in team environment

My question is in team environment, work with other programmers,it is better to use storyboard or use xib files?

What is best practice for that?

@yangwulong1978 Thanks very much for your question!

In an ideal situation, you would use neither :slight_smile: I would actually recommend you use code exclusively to avoid any conflicts with source control like Git, and also because it forces developers to really understand the UI layout.

Having said that, I personally worked in an environment that used .xib files to avoid conflicts with other teams, and looking back on this, I would not recommend this at all. I would recommend using storyboards, but with strict rules in place:

  1. Use no more than 5 screens in a single storyboard file.
  2. Have one developer responsible for one storyboard.
  3. Use storyboard references to help make your life easier.

I hope this helps!

All the best :slight_smile:

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