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Upgrading to Swift 3, and Swift Playgrounds – Podcast S06 E04

Join Mic, Jake, and Gemma as they discuss the trials and tribulations of upgrading the Harry's app to Swift 3, before moving on to chat about Apple's new Swift Playgrounds app, and the potential for it to become a great learning platform.

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Great discussion about the use of playgrounds on the iPad and how that could impact tutorials on Ray Wenderlich’s site. As an educator I see the first use case of the Swift playgrounds in classrooms as a great first, fast and fun introduction to Swift. I also agree with some of the points in the show that true learning in coding generally (and masochistically) occurs when you’ve made a mistake. There is a risk with playgrounds that the training wheels are so robust that people think they have learned how to ride a high performance carbon fiber road bike when in fact they are going in circles on tricycle in the driveway.

I’m curious to see what a purpose built advanced application tutorial would look like in the Swift playgrounds iPad context.