Updating a 2013 iOS app to the Now Generation

I’ve inherited an iOS app that has

: a RESTful API
: geolocation
: maps
: remote notifications
: core data
: objective c and some swift
: RestKit
: other third part pods

You get the idea.

The app was written in 2012-13.

As we’re engaging on a redesign, I’m thinking about the process of upgrading the tech in the app for what we use and know in 2019. Thinking about

: reachability issues
: Protocol Oriented Programming
: voice services
: watchOS
: ML
: cross platform Kotlin Native API library, instead of Xamarin or React Native
: crash reporting and analytics
: performance measurement

I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about how to approach this problem, what sort of a checklist should we make to make sure we’re producing a high quality performant app for the year 2019-20.

Any thoughts are welcome.

hi @prenez01,
Some of the things like reachability, crash reporting and analytics are not necessarily new. Some of the things that that list are

  • Push Notifications (Local, Silent and remote)
  • Offline Database
  • A/B testing
  • Progressive UI’s
    and many of the points from the older list would also continue to be part of the new app with things like
  • Geolocation
  • Maps
  • Pods

For cross platform, I would have most of the processing on the server end and the data be send back to the app thereby allowing for thin native clients on the mobile side.

Because there is no right and wrong answer for this, I am going to keep an eye out on this to see what others use/recommend.



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