Updated the code of video cource, the AVFoundation Video , the first two session

Ray Wenderlich’s course is amazing.
As swift evolves, some material code could not run.


So I try to update it.

This is the code of first two session.

Thanks Michael Briscoe a lot.

Updates Ray Wenderlich’s code for AVFoundation Video, from Swift 2 to Swift 4 , iOS 9 to iOS 11
Beginning Video with AVFoundation

The first one: Video Playback

The second one: Capturing Media, Images

01 , check project folder QuickPlay

02, check project folder PenguinCam

Updated related API to iOS 11 like AVCapturePhotoOutput,

save photo to a custom album.

corrected challenge pdf errors.

@deng Thank you for working on the updates - much appreciated!

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