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Updated Course: Networking with URLSession

Take a deep dive into URLSession, starting with using URLSession to GET and POST JSON data, then moving to authentication, architecture, testing, and more.

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Awesome work! (: Can’t wait to start this as well. Will there be a potential course working with the Alamofire framework in the future? I’ve been using the framework for a bit and would love to see a course on it!

thanks Simon!

there’s a 2-part Alamofire tutorial: https://www.raywenderlich.com/147086/alamofire-tutorial-getting-started-2

and grokswift’s book uses Alamofire

WOW!! What a great course! I’ve only completed three parts and I have already learned a lot. Big thank you to Audrey (and the rest of the team) for updating and expanding this course.

thanks for your enthusiastic appreciation :]