Update to iOS 9 by Tutorials

Hi Team,

I just want to know when do I get iOS 8 By tutorials updated to iOS 9 by tutorials.


iOS 8 by Tutorials and iOS 9 by Tutorials are two distinct books. Each of them covers the new features made available with that version of the OS, so there’s very little overlap. (This is why we still sell iOS 5-8 by Tutorials.)

Thanks. In that case please tell me if iOS 8 by tutorials will be updated to latest xCode/Swift versions ?

There are no current plans to update the older books to the newer Xcode/Swift versions (this is one reason why they’re so discounted at the moment). This is mentioned on the Store pages for those books.

So far as I can see the IOS by Tutorials PDF version is not discounted (still $59) although the PDF and print version is (from $108 to $81 + shipping). In fact the PDF alone version is greyed out.

As I live overseas I do not want the print version. Is is possible to purchase the PDF version at a discounted price?