Update plans based on Combine and property wrappers

Are there plans to update this book to include using combine and property wrappers like @State/@Binding? Thanks!

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For the next release coming out in September we’re looking at adding some Combine features to the book but the SwiftUI portion we’re not planning for this release since we did not think it would add any additional benefit for the subject at this point which was to teach Design Patterns. Combine should be utilized in some of the chapters.

Thanks for the update! I was wondering if there might be different ways to implement the design patterns in the future using some of the new property wrappers. It would seem that you could use state, bindableObjects and environment to help implement the patterns from the book. By the way I really like the book. It has been a great read and has helped me a lot to understand both Swift and design patterns! Looking forward to some info on how to use combine with the design patterns in the book.