Update labels, page 533 of PDF iOS Apprentice v7, Get Locations

My app has been building perfectly with no errors or warnings. I added the final updateLabels() to the viewDidLoad and there are still no errors but my “Get My Location” button has gone missing. At first I thought perhaps it was too low on the storyboard at 24 points so I moved it up to 100 points attached to the bottom and 16 on the left and right. Why would it disappear since it is a button and not a label but goes away when I update labels?

I bet you have the tagButton outlet connected to the storyboard getButton, or maybe you put getButton in the code instead of tagButton. In your updateLabels method, comment out this line and see if the getButton reappears:

tagButton.isHidden = true

@seanec Thanks very much for your question! Is it possible for you to share a screen shot of your Interface Builder screen to give us a better idea of what is happening?

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