Uno Actu - an app to manage your specialists

Hey, I want present you my new universal app Uno Actu - Meine Spezialisten (sorry, I forgot to translate the title to English. I will do it with the next release). Uno Actu is an app to manage your specialists: your doctors, your garage, your lawyer, your accountant, etc. You add a new specialist by searching him/her via mapKit´s local search. If found, you add a generic term like “family doctor” and the specialist will be stored in database (core data, iCloud sync). Phone number, address, etc. will be presented and you can tap on it to initiate a call, open the map app, etc. Next, you can add notes and photos with titles to a specialist, also calendar events and date or location based reminders. Events and reminders are synchronized with the users calendar database. But that´s not all: you can edit opening hours and next leave date, and upload them to the public cloudKit database. Other users of the app who added the same specialist will be notified on these changes and can download the opening times and leave and check if they are different to their dates and can overwrite them.
From Uno Actu you can also add and access a specialist in the iOS Contacts. This also make sense if a specialist cannot be found. In this case, you can search for city, street and house/building number and use this as info to add a new specialist and use the contacts or save phone number and homepage in the notes of Uno Actu.
Please give Uno Actu a try and let me know about your thoughts: