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Unity Games by Tutorials Now Complete: Plus Discount & Giveaway!

We’re thrilled to tell you that the final complete version of Unity Games by Tutorials is available today!

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I’ve been prototyping an idea for a puzzle-ish platformer that I would love to build in Unity!

I would love to build a 1st Person game to shoot tape on the mouths of politicians :slight_smile:

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I am currently working on a game about losing one life and finding another one.

My idea is to create a golf game from the balls perspective. You are being hammered by giants and you need not to get lose in the elements. So example: you are going towards the water you need to throw a rope around a tree to stop yourself. Can you survive 18 holes? Love you tutorials

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I have been waiting for this book for a while. I love your tutorials and books. I am hoping this is as good as iOS games by tutorials.

I would really love to build a racing game in the style of Mario Kart. Childhood memories :smiley:

I would like to build a 2D / 3D hybrid game that involves classic 2D platforming and maybe changing to 3D FPS game VR support for the 3D part in considered.

I would love to build a quest/puzzle-solving game focused on being the first human on an alien world.

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I’d love to build a unique twist on a 2D platformer in VR.

I want to make something similar to Impossible Road!

I would like to build a game in the classic style Marcio Bros (2D or 2,5D) !

I’d build a clone of an old amiga game called Movem

I would love to make a game like the legend of zelda, zelda gives an awesome game experience and I would love to be able to some day build a game that gives an amazing user experience. :slight_smile:

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I would like to create some classic retro 2D games like Tetris, Boulder Dash, Lode Runner, Snake and so on. And to add some of these games a 3D point of view.

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I would love to build in Unity, and am currently laying out, an interactive fiction (IF) game in the style of Mystery House, Kidnapped, King’s Quest etc with environment- and plot-based puzzles but … in VR / HTC Vive level immersion. My kids would love that experience as would others, I’m sure!

Definitely an infinite runner with a twist!

I would make an outrun-metal slug-alex kid mix. Quite a challenge

I’ve been building a puzzle game in spritekit for the past couple years and would love to port it to Unity. This PDF would be a great resource to do this!

I would like to make a platformer like mario but, with alot more action than just jumping on the heads of monsters