Unable to import files with custom UTI extension on IOS 13

Hi guys! And thanks to all the collaborators for all these amazing resources!

I’ve developed an app, which relies heavilty on the sharing/importing capabilities explained in this great tutorial : uiactivityviewcontroller-tutorial-sharing-data , but since IOS 13 it’s not working anymore (up to 12.4 it worked like a charm).

I downloaded the tutorial files and ran them on xcode, and it crashed in the same way as my app does…

When you click Copy To, Ios goes back to the home page and nothing happens, after a bit a get a crash error on mobile safari: log

I opened a topic on stack overflow to check if anyone had the same problem, but with no success yet…

Hope you got some hing, cause that’s the only thing preventing me from publishing the app.

Thanks a lot againfor all the amazing resources!


@85thedenial Do you still have issues with this?

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