Unable to find source code for Swift UI by tutorials

I brought epub of this book but I unable to find out the book’s source code here - https://store.raywenderlich.com/products/swift-ui-by-tutorials-source-code. Can you please let me know how to get it?

It looks like the link is broken - we’ll fix it, sorry about that.
In the meanwhile, if you bought the book from our site, you can download book & code from the book page:


Look at the “Select download” dropdown, be sure that “All Book & Project Files” is selected, and then download

hi Kiran! that link is for people who buy the print book from Amazon, which isn’t available yet. As Antonio said, your download from our site includes the source code.

Okay, but it must be available for Amazon buyers too. I read book and all the example starts from starter projects which are not available to Amazon buyers.

when the book becomes available on Amazon, then the source code link will work :slight_smile:

The link should work now - can you try again please?

Thanks @jeden. It worked. :slight_smile: