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Working on a real-world Android app isn’t just a matter of writing code. Most of the time you work in a team, and the code must be tested, but also well documented. Many people say that the code should be self-explanatory and you should understand how the app works just by looking at it. This […]

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Great article. But why do you use in example api where is only available for paying customers?

The Poster API is only available to patrons.

it’s not a fer for students and others who don’t want to buy a subscription.

Hi @sy10sky
Thank you for your message. If you go to and select the “API Key” in the top right part of the screen, you can reach a form where there’s the Patron option but also a Free option with a limit of 1000 requests per day which is more than enough for the tutorial.

I hope this helps.


Hi Max @massimocarli,
thank you! I watched it about 100 times but I just didn’t see it for free. Of course it’s there. Many thanks for opening my eyes! :smiley: