UITextView inside a ScrollView


I’m currently trying to make a view similar to Evernote, the one where you add a note.
It looks like it is a ScrollView containing a TextField and TextView inside.

When you type, the scrollview will automatically scroll to wherever the cursor is position so you can always see what your writing.

I have this working, the problem is that when the text is so large that the TextView has to grow, it doesn’t and I can’t see the new text anymore.
I have these settings:

  • ScrollView has scrolling disabled
  • The View controller has the “Under Top/Down Bars” since the controller is embedded in a Navigation Controller
  • Inside the Scroll View I have a UIView (content view) which has the textfield and textview inside.

Please let me know if anyone has done this before, I have been trying this for over 2 weeks with no luck.

Thank you!