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Get started animating your views in iOS! Learn to control changes in their visible properties over time, along with transitions between the views themselves.

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I was really satisfied with the other courses until I reached Animations.
I think Animations course is too basic and lessons aren’t much informative.
Some parts of the course are taken out of the context, so I am doing something along with the author but I don’t understand why.
Like I’m doing this animation or that, but why do we animate especially this way, not the other?
What are good animation practices in iOS?
If I want to create my own app, I might know the tools for animation, but without particular cases I wouldn’t know where to apply these tools.
Most animations I’ve learnt are too basic or too chunky to be used in real apps and are OK only for tutorials.

So my recommendation for this course is to make something closer to reality rather than just playing with animation tools for tutorial purpose.