UIGestureRecognizer or UIView?

I’m creating game with drag and drope feature. I checked variants with touchesBegan and touchesMoved and it’s working. Then I found that it’s so simple to use UIGestureRecognizers.
It’s more easy but I’m not sure what variant is correct to use what is working better and faster …
Also, I’ll use PhysicBody, so my drag and drop objects with mass and have collision with other objects.
Please advice.


I feel gesture recognisers are more flexible and less work but there is really nothing wrong with the UIResponder touches methods. The situation where you find gesture recognisers better is possibly where you have multiple gesture recognisers that could intercept a touch, as you have methods to manage interactions with other gesture recognisers. Also of course you have the ability to define how many touches is required, and other features.

Thank you for answer …
I thought that gesture recognizers modern type of catching touches. Because so simple to add Pan Gesture Recognizer in Main.Storeboard …
I see that you mean that recognize easy to use if you have complicated types of touches. I’ll have only single/double touches. More interesting how it’ll work with physic bodies.

IN that case perhaps the touches methods could be easier. I see another big benefit of gesture recognisers being that you manage them in storyboards, but you probably won’t be managing your physics bodies in the storyboard. SKNode inherits from UIResponder so if using the touches method is convenient it should be fine.