UGBT for Unity 2019 release date?

Hey…could you tell me when the updated version of Unity Games By Tutorials will be released ?


We are in the process of planning the update. It should come later this year. For now, you’ll have to use Unity 2018.2. Thankfully, you can install this via. the Unity Hub (the program that launches when you first start Unity)

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Hey there - I bought the PDF earlier today. Can you confirm 2018.2 is the best version to use with the material? (rather than 2018.1)

My apologizes - I thought we released the book on Unity 2018.2, but it appears the book was written 2018.1. You can following along with Unity Hub as it allows you to install earlier versions. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to me.

Note - if 2018.1 is a problem, you can reach out to me at and I’ll see what I can do.


A bit very late…but why ?

If you mean why 2018.1 was used, that was the most recent stable version of Unity at the time. Newer versions of Unity aren’t necessarily fully compatible with older versions.

Hey Brian…
What is the status of things in relation to the unity book update ?

We’re currently planning for the update early next year. This will helpful since the UI is getting a complete overhaul with Unity 2019.3. We’ve included a small guide with the current book to get you up and running with it.

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