Two Finger Swipe over UITableView

What I am trying to do is use Two Fingers to Swipe Down to view the UITableView that is behind it.
I have two SubViews NotesView & LoggerView
what I am trying to do is use two fingers to swipe down and slowly I can see the NotesView and then bring the NotesView to the Front.

I AM NOT WORRY ABOUT SWAPPING Views. I am really stuck to make the Swipe Down to work… I can not believe that I am having so much trouble. When I created it in Objective C. it was so easy.

I found out what I was doing wrong. Consider this closed.
My problem was due that I did not refer to the SubView Logger. And I was calling the main View. Everything is now working great

@hcri50, glad you were able to figure it out! Thank you for sharing your update.

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