Tutorial: Setting up Codeanywhere for Swift/Vapor development

Recently, Codeanywhere has started to provide a Swift container for assisting developers to jumpstart Swift development. Unfortunately, the Swift release provided in the container is only version 2.2, while the Vapor framework requires version 3 or above.

The following article is going to show how to upgrade the Swift release in the pre-defined container, download the Vapor framework/example, and launch the Vapor example in the Codeanywhere environment.

hi @supernova,
yes, the container comes with Swift dev version 2.2, however if you refer to the instructions on this page (Development: Running Swift/Vapor in Codeanywhere) in step #3, it explains how you can download and update the version to a later one. So based on the details available in that article, you should be able to even get the latest version of swift setup.

Hope that helps,



Hi Jayant

You are absolutely right. In fact, I have tried to upgrade to Swift 4.0 using the production release (back in last October), but it didn’t work due to some linking errors as mentioned in the article.

However, since the development release of Swift 4.0 (and even 4.1) are already out in last December, I should be able to upgrade to the latest Swift version using the development release.

Thanks a lot for the advice. :grinning:


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