Tutorial 3 version 3.3 didUpdateLocations

Page 69 - 71 of the tutorial doesn’t make sense to me.

Why would we ever want to reverse geocode more than one time. The lines

if distance > 0 {
performingReverseGeocoding = false

seems like it would force the method to reverse geocode every time it gets a new location unless distance == 0 which the tutorial later says is impossible. I’m not an expert at this, but it seems like reverse geocoding should only be called once after the locationManager has stopped completely. I made a couple changes that did that and it seemed to work fine in the simulator.

It depends. For this app, I decided we want to see an address as soon as we get coordinates, even if it’s not exactly the correct address yet. As the coordinates improve in accuracy, we ask for an address again.

This decision may not make sense for all apps. You could decide to only do the geocoding once you’ve received the final set of coordinates – but in practice this means you might have to wait several minutes before that happens.