Tutorial 1 - preloading Web View on AboutViewController screen?

I’ve just completed the Bull’s Eye tutorial for Swift 3, and IOS 10, and all works great. Just one tiny thing bothers me slightly. When I first run the app and hit the about button to take me to the About screen, the web view box is blank for a short time - probably less than a second - while the HTML loads. Once the app is up and running this doesn’t happen again. My question: Is it possible to preload the HTML into the web view on the AboutViewController screen when the app first opens so that the user doesn’t see this blank web view?


This happens because iOS needs to load the web view library into memory and this is unfortunately a little slow. I don’t know off-hand what the best solution is.

(If you try to pre-load the web view when the app starts up then it makes the whole app slower to start up.)

Thanks a lot. I thought it was something like that.