Transport Security Setting

I am having problems in configuring Transport Security.
This is how I thought I should configure my Plist Setting
Could you please look at my url and and tell me what I am doing wrong for setting up my TransportSecurity correctly please.
*NSURL url=[NSURL URLWithString:@“”];

I got it to work with this script. But what I need to know is this? My domain is using the correct SSL Certificate that is compliant with iOS
Most importantly I Need to have this working for iOS 8 and later, so I do not need to have the transport for Sessions. I will be updating the URL connections for Sessions when I redo the App for Swift sometime next year. Bur for now I am letting it work with iOS 8 or later.

I got it to work for testing,

HOW DO I CONFIGURE my .Plist for the App Store ??? ???