Transcripts for video courses

I have started my second year subscribing to the video tutorials. Many of the tutorials are very good, but move at a fast pace - faster than my memory can store the information contained in them. To make video tutorials complete, it would be nice if each video course contained a full transcript of what was said in the video. For example, all of Apple’s WWDC sessions have downloadable transcripts. That’s why I like written tutorials, because I have something to reference back to. From what I can see, this question was asked back in June 2017, but it appears that it has not been incorporated yet. Is this still on the agenda to do? This would be a wonderful additional to the already great video tutorials that are released on


Yes, this is on our agenda to do but will still likely be at least a year out. Our engineering team is very small (just 2 devs and 1 designer), so it takes us a while to add new features to the site, and there are some other things we have on the list first.

But yeah this is something we definitely want to do as we think it would definitely be valuable for subscribers!


I join the request, it would be very good especially for those who our language is not English.
I hope that this functionality will be incorporated ASAP.

Thank you very much!

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